Human Resources

Involves tracking employees background, skills, performance, salaries, accomplishments, 201 files and HR staff can access the system in any location.

Recruitment & Training

Innovative solutions to searching job seekers and hiring the best and most skilled workers to maintain the competitiveness of the company.


Automate employee worked hours from biometric finger scanner attendance system that record all time-in and time-out and generate timesheet pay period.


Efficient and reliable payroll solution that's fully automated customizable covering all employee benefits, statutory system and reports generation.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

Let's start with a brief overview of HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and payroll systems. A HRIS is a comprehensive database that stores employee information such as job titles, contact information, salaries, pay scales, and performance data. It also provides access to other related functions such as attendance tracking, recruitment, benefits management, and training programs. Payroll systems, on the other hand, are used to manage salaries and other forms of compensation. They usually cover salary calculations, payment cycle management, garnishments, and tax withholdings.

Now let's look at how HRIS and payroll systems can benefit businesses. Firstly, both solutions save time and money by automating administrative tasks, reducing manual errors and increasing operational efficiency.

Public Employees Master Data

Data capture is based on Personal Data Sheet (PDS) government requirements.

  • Personal Information
  • Family Background
  • Educational Background
  • Civil Service Eligibility
  • Work Experience
  • Learning & Development
  • Other Information
  • Questionnaire
  • 201 Files
  • Payroll Setup
  • Job Information
  • Allowance

***Private employees have a separate master data and entry form.

HR Recruitment Process

HR recruitment processes vary depending on the size and needs of the organization. Generally, they involve creating job descriptions, sourcing candidates, screening resumes, conducting interviews, and making decisions. Additionally, some organizations may use online assessments, background checks, and other methods to evaluate potential candidates.

To implement this, it needs strong support from the dedicated recruitment software solution, and performance that has to be measured, analyzed, and new in terms of innovative recruitment solutions. Recruitment may be a costly HR Process, so proper management is important to enhance its capabilities because HR Management always starts with a competitive hiring process to improve the company.

Paperless Manpower Request & Recruitment Process

  1. Manpower Request
  2. Review by Head Department
  3. Approve by HR Admin
  4. Job Openings
  5. Applicants
  6. Interview
  7. Screening
  8. Orientation
  9. Job Offer

Training & Seminars

Training and seminars are typically used to provide employees with knowledge and skills for job-related tasks. These can include classroom lectures, online courses and webinars, presentations, workshops, and more. Depending on the organization's needs, these activities can be designed to meet specific learning objectives or to introduce new topics and ideas.

Company human resources offers to the employee to enhance their skills and improve their job performance by getting additional knowledge from the training. Develops the skills of employees so that they can be more productive, creative and innovative and become increasingly valuable to the company. Human Resource departments must have a human resources software to handle training events so that they can easily create training sessions, attendees, and training resources. The attendees can give an assessment grade to the trainor after the training is completed located in their inbox user account. HR staff can generate a certificate of training for attendees if the training session is completed.


Filing of Notices
with online approvals

Paperless requests for approval are available to their respective assigned approvers inbox.


Filing of overtime hours work for approval and must be authorized and signed by the supervisor or department head to accept overtime in timekeeping process.

Leave Request

Employees must have an available leave credit to use in filing a leave with pay that the system is not allowed to go through if no available leave balance.

Locator Slip

Upon return from the official business, a completed original copy of the Locator Slip should be converted to a pdf file and attached in filing for approval.


Manpower Request

Filing of manpower requests and subject to review by department head before proceeding to HR approval. HR department head approved the manpower request is automatically queued for the recruitment process.

Temporary Shift

Moving from different work shifts must file a temporary shift to override the permanent shift schedule assigned to them and must be approved.

Broken Time

Filing of broken time where the work schedule isn’t consistent or continuous, but the number of regular hours or production hours are they same.

Failure IN/OUT

After the timekeeper generates a timesheet cut-off pay period, the system automatically sends those employees with invalid time logs for filing.

DTR Biometric Time and Attendance System

Employees clock in and clock out using Biometric Finger Scanner to record daily work attendance. This application is designed for companies with multiple branches for different locations to monitor the actual manpower count report in real time because all-time logs coming from devices are stored in a cloud server.

HR managers or top management can easily monitor manpower count reports from Daily Time Record (DTR) anytime, anywhere using their mobile phone, personal computer or other device with internet browser. It also helps cut down on payroll mistakes, save time in tracking attendance, and reduce costs associated with manual attendance processes.

dtr finger scanner
dtr finger scanner time and attendance

How to Improve HR and Payroll Processing

  1. Eliminate Paper from HR Processes
    • Automated Filling Form - Most HR tasks can be accomplished online with automated filing and recording information to database server for easy retrieval of records like vacation leave, sick leave, locator slips, overtime and payroll documents, etc.
  2. Simplify the Payroll Processing: Manual data reentry is prone to errors; you’ll want to automate the daily time records (DTR) to your payroll system is possible using the biometric finger scanner to record time-in/time-out of all employees. Overtime pay, holiday pay, leave pay and deduction from salary are automatically done by the system to avoid possible human errors.
  3. Government Compliance by Automating Filing and Reporting: Payroll withholding taxes and mandatory monthly contributions have possible changes. It’s impossible for one or several individuals to keep track of the many changes from government mandatory deductions. Withholding tax calculations and contributions are complex, and there are too many filing deadlines to remember. An automated payroll solution will help you ensure that payroll deductions and taxes are calculated correctly, tax deposits are made, and reporting is completed on time.
payroll processing

Encrypt Sensitive Information

Sensitive information should be encrypted to protect it from malicious actors. Encryption is the process of transforming information into an unreadable format, usually using a type of algorithm and a key, which is needed to decrypt the information. There are several encryption algorithms available, such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Rivest-Shamir-Adleman (RSA), and Data Encryption Standard (DES). It is important to choose an algorithm that is appropriate for the type of data being encrypted and the level of security needed. Additionally, organizations should use strong passwords and two-factor authentication to protect the encryption key.

To protect data privacy of every employee's the important data like contact number, address, bank account, sss no., tin no., pagibig no. and philhealth number are encrypted to safeguard the sensitive information. Only this web-application can decrypt the encrypted data to a readable format.

encrypt sensitive information

Application Module & Reports

The application module of the software is the main part of the system. It is the main interface between the user and the data stored in the system. The application module provides the user with the ability to access, view and manipulate the data stored in the system. It also provides the user with the ability to create reports from the data stored in the system. The reports can be used to analyze the data, track trends and make decisions based on the data. The reports can also be used to present the data in a graphical format for easier analysis.

Our Workflows

Workflows system implementation is a process of implementing and integrating a workflow system into an organization's existing IT infrastructure. A workflow system is an automated system that helps to manage and streamline a business process. It typically consists of a series of tasks, with each task assigned to one or more people or departments. The workflow system provides visibility into the progress and status of each task, as well as a tool for tracking and monitoring the performance of each participant.

The implementation process typically begins with a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s existing processes and workflows. This assessment allows the IT team to identify any areas where the workflow system can be used to increase efficiency and accuracy. Once the assessment is complete, the IT team works with the business to design a workflow system that meets the organization’s requirements. This involves developing an overall architecture, identifying the types of tasks and participants, and mapping out the specific steps that each task must take.

Once the workflow system is designed, the IT team must develop the code to make the system work. This includes writing code to define the tasks, assign tasks to participants, and manage the progress of each task. The code must also be tested and deployed on the organization’s IT infrastructure.


Online meeting and discussion with the prospect client via zoom or other platform to present the HRIS & Payroll System.

1 Week


Waiting for client decision to evaluate the system if all features are applicable and aligned to existing business process.

1 Week

Project Development

Project manager will need to assemble a project plan schedule initiation, stakeholder involvement, prioritizing goals, identifying deliverables and contingency plans.

3 Weeks

Data Conversion and Uploading

The process of translating data from one format to another data structure to eliminate reentry of master data that already exists in the current system. The process involves extracting data from a source, such as a database, files, and importing it to the required destination.

3 Weeks

User Guide Manual

Walk-through the system manual instruction as step-by-step procedure how the system works. The process owner must familiarize the basic functionality of the system in preparation for application testing.

2 Weeks

Implementation Preparation

The project manager must be sure that the implementation follows the tasks and activities such as::

  • Perform a system test.
  • Verify all available modules are working properly.
  • Perform an integration test.
  • Perform test scenarios, use cases.
  • Retest functionalities after fixing bugs.

1 Month


Technical go-live means that the client has concluded that all the conditions and project scopes have been accepted during the implementation preparation.

Good Luck and enjoy the system!

About Us

ruben corral

Ruben Corral

Website Owner / Programmer

"Looking for partners to go paperless in HRIS, Recruitment & Training, Timekeeping, and Payroll Processing in the Philippines."

HRIS & Payroll System Proposal

HRIS & Payroll System is personally developed by me using MVC5. Programming languages & databases I use are VB.Net, C#, LINQ, jQuery, HTML helper, Razor, Bootsrap, javascript, SignalR, JSON, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, and MS Access. Through my own learning process and long experience in Windows programming to developed this web-application program focused on Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and Payroll System. This web application is mobile responsive design that works on any device with internet browser.

The objective of this web application is to automate the process of Timekeeping, retrieval of employee personal files, mandatory remittances report from SSS, PhilHealth, Pagibig, BIR and Payroll processing. Real time online monitoring of Daily Time Records (DTR) coming from biometric device Finger Scanner Time-In/Time-Out System that I developed. The company will save a lot of paper, less manpower for clerical work, and eliminate the printing of payslips because they're already available on each respective dashboard account. Using this web-application, the employee will benefit from this because all personal information is available on their account, monitor their DTR, loans deduction history, filling of leave & overtime on his mobile phone or computer desktop.

Currently employed at Frey-Fil Corporation as a Computer Programmer, I also work as a Software Engineer for Filmetrics Corporation, working as part of its software development team. I work at home during Saturdays or Holidays engaged by my previous employer, Savant Technologies, Inc., where I gained most of my programming knowledge.

My name is Ruben B. Corral, founder of HRIS & Payroll System with 20 years of experience in developing programs for Windows applications. Now I'm looking for a company who wants to use my newly developed web-application program. The only service I can offer is to help you establish and support this application (HRIS & Payroll System) using your own servers or we can help you to setup this web-application using the hosting company currently used on my web development.

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